Which Salsa is for You: Salsa on 1 or Salsa on 2?
Salsa is the hottest and most popular dance today (if you are in Miami, anyway).
Planning to go to one of  the famous Miami night clubs?  It will be Salsa, Salsa and Salsa again… So, come and learn some hot moves and impress your friends!

Salsa is a Cuban/Puerto Rican/Colombian dance from the 50's. The faster version was called Mambo Con Salsa ("Mambo with hot sauce"). Now we know it as Salsa.

There are 3 popular salsa styles danced today in the United States:

1) "On 1" or Casino-style Salsa (Spanish for "hall"), developed by Cuban immigrants in Miami, is danced on the 1st beat and has elements of North American dancing styles. Watch Casino Salsa here , here and also hereAn amazing Japanese couple dance Casino Salsa steps here...
2) "On 2" or New York style Salsa is a fusion of old Mambo with American Swing and Jazz. It is danced strictly on 2 with a delay on the 1st beat. It evolved in the 50s from Cuban Mambo during the Pre/Post Castro-revolution era (with the famous Puerto-Rican dancer "Cuban Pete") and the 70s  by Puerto Rican immigrants (Celia Cruz, "The Queen of Salsa", and the legendary Puerto Rican musician Tito Puente, "The King").  Watch good NY-style Salsa here...
3) Los Angeles style Salsa was born in 80s and 90s as a Salsa with dance steps and patterns from the western countries; including ballroom dance patterns and Ballet stunts, aerial works and lifts. It is danced on 1 and regarded by Latin-Americans as a show-off theatrical ballet for the "rhythmically-challenged" western world middle-class. Is it so? Be a judge after watching L.A. Salsa here...

4) Cali style Salsa is from Colombia and has an emphasis on a very fast and intricate foot work.  See the best Cali dancers at the Cali Festival 2010, also great Cali Salsa here and amazing Salsa danced by a group of kids here.
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