Wedding couple after 10 lessons
after 5 or 10 lessons only
Elma, Foxtrot
dancing 10 years
Dec 2011
Diane Waltz,
dancing 5 years
Dec 2011
Intermediate level,
2-3 years experience
Clara, Tango Show
3  years dancing
Dec 2011
Clara, Tango on chairs (crasy!)
Dec 2011
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Diane, Waltz
Miami Resort Hotel
, 6 2012
Advance Students
over 5-10 years of dancing
Elma, Waltz
Miami Resort Hotel
6 2012
Tango by Beginners
after 5 lessons only
95-year old dancing
Waltz, Miami Championship
Ritz-Carlton Hotel, May 2012

95-year old dancing Waltz Gold Coast Showcase
Dec 2011
95-year old Student (Read article here)
dancing Showcase and Championships
World Class Instructors